What can we do to help your  business flourish? 

Here at Sprout Virtual Services we offer all around  support.

Do you find yourself getting stuck doing mundane and time consuming tasks? Scheduling  all kinds of appointments, contractors, vendors? Sending countless emails? We will manage all that for you!


Managing a small business requires wearing a lot of hats.  Serving your clients and trying to get new ones are crucial to keeping your business thriving.  Often times, the administrative work gets pushed to the side for later (weekends).  Let us help you take back control of your administrative responsibilities efficiently and economically. 

Contact us now so we can help!

General Admin

  • Calendar Management

  • Appointment Scheduling

  • Reminder Services

  • Data Entry 

  • Drop Box/Google Drive Organization

  • Travel Arrangement

Life Management

Social Media Assiatnce

  • Social media set up/content research/scheduling

  • Facebook, Twitter or Google ads – monitoring and analyzing

  •  Buying gifts

  •  Booking restaurants and events

  •  Scheduling house moving

  •  Researching cheaper utility companies

  •  Paying bills etc

Client Retention

Event Planning

  • Send Invoices

  • Send Cards,Thank you,etc.

  • Send Client Gifts

  • Follow- up emails

  • Send Invites, Save The Dates, RSVPs, etc

  • Get Rental Quotes

  • Plan/Coordinate Event Details

  •  venue finding and confirmation/collating attendees and documents/on-site support


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